Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Dictionary

Fourth Edition, 2022

The MBE Dictionary is a free resource that helps 3D Digital Transformation implementation teams and stakeholders create a shared understanding of terminology.

Dictionary Highlights:

About the MBE Dictionary:

Since 2010 Action Engineering, LLC has offered a free database of terms, definitions, and citations to help support the understanding of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and the manufacturing community.

When implementation teams and stakeholders have a shared understanding of terminology, they can have the conversations that lead to successful digital transformations.

Utilize (and bookmark) the MBE Dictionary and please share it with your colleagues and community.

The first edition of the MBE Dictionary appeared on the Action Engineering web site in May, 2011. Over the past decade, the Dictionary has undergone four major revisions and has added numerous standards documents as the Industry advances. The dictionary currently contains 32 Industry Standards and 469 frequently used MBE terms.

Navigating the Dictionary

The gray menu bar below the OSCAR logo contains the primary navigation tabs.

Glossary - this tab displays complete summary of all terms in the dictionary. Click on the Citation to access the details of the Industry Standard that describes the term.

Industry Standards - this tab displays an overview of all the industry standards documents that contain the terms in the glossary.

Cross Referencing - from any page in the dictionary the reader can access all related content. For example, if you are viewing the definition of an individual term, clicking on its citation will take you to a detailed description of that reverence. Similarly if you are viewing detailed description of an industry standard, you will find a complete list of all dictionary terms defined in that standard.